Studio101 Extra

Colorama paper colour change £5 per qty : colour changes
view coloramas
Pre Order Colorama paper before shoot £25 per qty : order colour(s)
view coloramas Addition people £5 per extra person
Extra time week day (before 7pm) £20 extra hour
Evenings and weekend £30 extra hour
Smoke machine £20 smoke view smokemachine
Canon D600 £50 camera view camera
Microphone £20 microphone view microphone
Photographer £90/hr photographer view photographer
Videographer £90/hr videographer view videographer
Sekonic flashmate £20 light meter view lightmeter
Tungston continuous video £30 lighting view
Flourescent continuous video £30 Flourescent lighting view
2850w 5500k video lamp 60x90cm softbox and boom £20 Lamp in soft box view Lamp in soft box
UV lights £20 lighting view uv
Laptop £30 laptop
LED panel lights £30 lighting
Softbox_30x120_with_5cm_grid £30 lighing
Projector_soggiv_gp70_led1200lumens_ £30 pay view 150inch_1080p_hd_hdmiusbsdavvga
Party_strobe £30 strobe view strobe
Tripod £10 tripod_for_camera view
Product_tripod £10 product tripod view product_shoot_tripod_and_boomyou camera fits on the end on the boom over your product and can be adjusted finely
Wind_machine_floor_standing_silver £30 fan view wind machine on floor
Wind_machine_on_stand £30 fan view wind machine on stand